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  • July 12, 2023 4 min read

    Halloween is right around the corner and we’ve got some fun family costume ideas everyone will want to wear! Let’s face it, if you’ve got little ones, there are only so many trick-or-treating occasions left while they’re still young. So take advantage of the memory-making Halloween events and adorably haunting photo opportunities. Whether you’re celebrating your baby’s first Halloween or dressing up the whole gang, you have to check out these easy family Halloween costume ideas!

    Fall Farmer’s Market

    We just love how easy these family Halloween costume ideas are for families with a couple of kids or a dozen kids. One or both of the parents can dress as a farmer, which can be as simple as a straw hat, a flannel shirt, and overalls. While the rest of the family can pick which fruit or vegetable they want to be. Dress your baby in a classic pumpkin outfit or add some horizontal stripes to an orange onesie and leafy greens to a hat to make your baby into a carrot. Turn them into a sweet strawberry with a simple red dress. Add some seed cutouts and a leafy green collar to complete the look. You and your kids can get crafty together making your own costumes.

    The Little Mermaid

    Popular movies and TV shows will always have their place at Halloween, and one of this year’s go-to's is the Little Mermaid remake movie. This family Halloween costume idea is an easy choice if you have at least one daughter to dress as Ariel. If you have more than one daughter and they all want to be mermaids, that’s OK because Ariel has six sisters! Transform the father into King Triton with a pair of green pants, a white wig and beard set, a crown, and his iconic trident. Mom can play the sea witch, and other children can dress as friends Flounder, Sebastian, and Scuttle.

    Ghostbusters Squad

    While Ghostbusters may seem like a theme that’s a blast from the past, a whole new generation of kids has come to fall in love with Ghostbusters due to the all-female remake that aired in 2016. The Ghostbusters sequel featuring Bill Murray is sure to make waves in 2023 as well. As far as easy family Halloween costume ideas go, this one is a shoo-in for any Halloween event you’re attending. You’ll need either tan-colored matching jackets or bodysuits. To make your jacket read as Ghostbusters, be sure to add the Ghostbusters logo and a bold name tag in black and red. After that, you can have fun turning backpacks into proton pack replicas.

    The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz is another classic movie theme family Halloween costume idea that’s easy to do for a family of three or expand for larger families. Mom could play the Wicked Witch of the West, the Good Witch of the East, or Dorothy. Dad could dress as the Tin Man or Scarecrow. If you have a baby, they would look simply adorable as the cowardly lion or Toto the little dog. If you run out of main characters, add some iconic flying monkeys to your group! Shop Wizard of Oz costumes for your entire family at the Ultimate Party Super Store. 


    A man, woman, and child dressed as zombies

    Zombie Family

    In the days long past, Halloween was a time to dress as something scary, not cutesy, to avoid being terrorized by any evil spirits that may be walking the earth. For those die-hard Halloween fans that like to keep with tradition, the zombie family Halloween costume idea is for you. This is also one of the most affordable ideas, though it will take a little prep work before you head out to trick-or-treat. All you will need is old clothes, a bottle of fake blood, and a little makeup. You could also purchase some fake stick-on wounds to really sell your look. After a few zombie makeup tutorials on Youtube, you’ll be ready to make your family look hungry for brains. 


    Our family Halloween costume ideas can’t get any easier than a beekeeper's theme. The parents can dress as beekeepers and keep their costumes super simple. All you’ll need is a white shirt, white gloves, and a white hat with a brim. Drape some see-through mesh over the hat to complete the beekeeper's appearance. And for your little bees, you’ll need yellow and black-striped shirts or dresses paired with some simple and affordable bee wings and bee antennae. If you want to get really cute with your family costumes, add an adorable honey bear! Babies and the family pet dog make for excellent honey bears. 

    We hope these fun family Halloween costume ideas have given you some food for thought! Whether you’re a crafty do-it-yourselfer or a savvy shopper, you’ll find everything you need to make an amazing family Halloween theme at the Ultimate Party Super Store. Shop Halloween costumes online and find accessories for classic themes to popular movies to unique Halloween attire you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, you’ll also find a wide selection of Halloween decorations, tableware, and other party supplies at our party store

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