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June 13, 2022 3 min read

Determined to make your child’s birthday party the hot event of the season? Nervous the guest-of-honor won’t approve of your decoration skills? We know how kids can be our toughest critics, but at the Ultimate Party Super Store, our wide variety of party supplies will help you create the perfect celebration for your loved one. Not only do we have a wide range of items to satisfy your creative imagination, but we have laid out some fun and trendy birthday party ideas for kids.

toddler celebrating summer birthday


Summer Birthday Ideas

Splish! Splash! The sun is strong and we are ready to party! 

Moana: Bring out the island vibes this summer with a Moana themed party. Not only do we have party staples in stock (napkins, plates, cups, etc) printed with a Moana theme, but we offer balloons and other themed decorative items too. Looking for an extra touch? Throw on the amazing Moana soundtrack for everyone to dance and sing along to!

Baby Shark:If your little one is addicted to the internationally loved Baby Shark song, why not celebrate your child’s next birthday with this fun summer idea? Plates, cups, napkins, balloons, banners, and more will help create the ultimate Baby Shark theme that will have everyone singing and dancing! Top off the celebration by distributing shark fins to guests to wear on their heads in honor of our birthday shark! 

Two kids in party hats


Barbie Mermaid:Celebrating your child’s birthday shouldn’t involve breaking a sweat! With our Barbie mermaid theme, your child’s party will be decorated with adorable Barbie decor. Introduce some water activities to bring the mermaid theme to life! Water tables, baby pools, sprinklers, water balloons, and super soakers are great ways to cool off all while enjoying the special occasion.

Pirate Shark:What’s cuter than a baby pirate? Try a pirate shark! This adorable kid’s birthday party idea incorporates illustrations of the deep blue sea: pirate shark straws, pirate shark beverage napkins, little pirate loot bags! Have yourself a scavenger hunt in the backyard and distribute the little pirate loot bags to your participants. Search for booty! We also offer a Little Pirate Shark game, featuring eyepatches and booty for all your guests. Enjoy this fun summer birthday idea!

Paw Patrol:Celebrate your child’s birthday with Rider and the gang! Distribute adorable Paw Patrol party favors to your guests and decorate the whole house. Don’t forget the Paw Patrol putty! Putty and slime are super trendy these days, making your kid’s special day unforgettable. Throw in a Paw Patrol game in the backyard by arranging an obstacle course that each participant must complete on all fours! Better yet, hand out masks of each Paw Patrol character, allowing your guests to select who they want to represent! Let’s go Skye!

Character Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Aladdin:Fly away on a magic carpet with this fun birthday party idea for kids. Your guest of honor can dress up as Jasmine for an extra special day. Push the fun further and ask your guests to come dressed up as their favorite Aladdin character! And if you want to really top off the celebration, Mom or Dad can dress up as everyone’s favorite: Genie! You are, after all, making all of these birthday dreams come true! 

Encanto:Not only will the music of Encanto’s award-winning soundtrack make your guests dance, but these decorations will bring the beloved spirit of the film to life. Our fun party favor bags feature favorite Encanto characters, along with fun tattoo squares. 

Captain Marvel:Invite your pals to your birthday celebration with cool invitations, featuring Captain Marvel on the cover. Have yourself a dress-up party and invite your friends to wear their favorite Marvel character costume, while you sport the Yon-Rogg or Captain Marvel costume yourself! 

birthday cake with kid in background


You Won’t Run Out ofBirthday Party Ideas for Kids at the Ultimate Party Super Store! 

We know your schedule is jam-packed full of after school activities! You have Saturday morning soccer practice, Girl’s Scouts, Boy’s Scouts, and more–so that’s why we have arranged all of your summer birthday party ideas in one place. The Ultimate Party Super Store’s high quality party supplies will bring to life the theme your little one has been dreaming of. Our attentive customer service team will assist you in selecting your party arrangements with a smile! 



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