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  • November 10, 2020 2 min read

    Balloon arches are a fun and unique way to add a pop of color. You often see them at sporting events, birthday parties, and even weddings. But did you know that you can easily make one yourself?

    We are all about balloons here at Ultimate Party Super Store, and we want to help you get creative! There are a bunch of fun balloon arch ideas and we want to share some with you. Check out our balloon arch tips!

    Get Creative

    The truth is, there are lots of ideas for how to create a balloon arch. And basically: there’s no wrong way. You can either use a lot of materials or just a few. You can get multi-colored balloons or solid colors to create your arch. You can make it massive, or you can opt for something just large enough to fit the space. Here are some of our tips and ideas:

    Draw Your Design First: This may not be the most exciting step, but it’s one of our balloon arch ideas that is critical to the success of the arch. Draw your design first. Plan out your design on a piece of paper before you even start blowing up balloons. This will make it so much easier to create your arch later.

    rainbow balloon arch

    Gather Your Materials: Having the proper materials to create a balloon arch is half the battle. We’ve found that using a needle and fishing line to connect the balloons is an effective and secure way to do it. We’ve also seen people use PVC piping and simply tie the balloons to the pipe, which is a great balloon arch idea if you’re having trouble tying your balloons together. You might want a hot glue gun to keep the balloons together, too. Have plenty of string and scissors handy. And don’t forget the balloons! You’ll need close to 150 for a complete arch, so make sure you take that into consideration! Plus, at that number, you’ll want a balloon pump - or a lot of friends!

    Know Your Final Placement: Balloon arches are great, but they are also big and not totally stable on their own. It’s important to know where you’re going to place it once completed. If you need an idea for your balloon arch that offers you stability, you could stick the PVC pipes in something to hold them. If you skipped the PVC pipes, consider using some fishing line to tie your arch to hooks in the ceiling or between two poles.

    High-Quality Arches

    At Ultimate Party Super Store, you can shop for balloon arch supplies and more and rest in the confidence that our products are always the highest quality available! Check out more tips like balloon arch ideas on our blog and order yours today!

    Michelle Fuqua

    Michelle has been in the party decorating business since 2008 when she started The Ultimate Party Store to provide affordable and high-quality party decorations for any event. From helping customers plan memorable birthday parties to curating party rentals for larger events, Michelle loves watching the perfect party come together. As a local business in the Nashville-Hendersonville area, she is often involved in events and organizations to give back to the community.