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  • April 20, 2023 4 min read

    Fathers are there when you need them the most, making your day jolly and taking care of you when you’re sick. Being a father is a tough job, and that’s why we have a special day set aside to honor them and all that they do. We’re going to share some of our best Father’s Day activities that will get the whole family involved. Get ready to show him how loved he is with activities for tots to teens to seniors!

    Make Dad Breakfast in Bed

    If the father in your family loves to sleep in, this Father’s Day activity idea is the perfect way to get his day started. While he catches some extra Z’s, you can gather up the kids to help you make breakfast. No matter what age your kids are, there’s a job at breakfast you can delegate to them. Toddlers might need a little help with cracking an egg or stirring the pancake mix, but they’ll feel satisfied they were involved. If you really want to make your breakfast scene extra special, have your children pick a few wildflowers for a small vase. Even if they only find dandelions, Dad will appreciate their efforts!

    Make a Homemade Gift

    Making a hand-crafted gift is one of the most classic Father’s Day activities for a family. If you have wee ones, a Father’s Day card is an easy keepsake he can cherish for years. Use washable stamp pads to capture little hand and footprints. Have young children add their artistic touch with crayons and stickers. With older kids, you can get more creative with this activity. Father’s Day gift ideas could include a homemade BBQ rub, a gift basket of Dad’s favorite snacks, a decorated picture frame, a customized planter, or even his favorite dessert.

    Father’s Day Party Ideas

    One of our favorite Father’s Day activities is to celebrate all the dads you know with a Father’s Day party. Bring your family and friends together to honor all that dads do to support their families and raise their children. Decorate your party scene with things he loves. If he’s a soccer fan, go with soccer decorations, if he loves fishing go with a lake life theme. If he loves to be silly, get some fun party toys the whole family can play with! Your Father’s Day party ideas don’t have to conform to any standards. Think outside the box and make the day all about him. Get stocked up with his favorite beer and favorite foods, and find his favorite chair to relax in!

    To get everyone more involved at your party, be sure to do some Father’s Day games and activities. A BBQ relay race is a great game for a group at an outdoor party. Two or three teams compete and relay race to grab sets of barbeque items. The first to get all the items wins. A timed eating contest can be great fun for the whole family. Instead of eating the most, the winner eats their food in the fastest time. Don’t forget ‘Pin the Tie on the Dad’ in your Father’s Day game activities! Played just like ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey,’ you’ll blow up a picture of dear old Dad and have blindfolded guests pin ties on it.

    Father’s Day Game Night

    Board games and card games are awesome Father’s Day activities that reduce your family’s screen time and help you bond together. If your children range in age, start with games that even little ones can play like Hi Ho Cherry-O and Go Fish. Move on to games your older children will enjoy and you can have younger kids ‘help’ you play in teams or in paris. Don’t forget to stock your game night with snacks and beverages, maybe even consider having small prizes for the winners. And if board games aren’t your family’s thing, turn this Father’s Day activity idea into a video game night with multiplayer games!

    A man is enjoying Father’s Day activities while blowing bubbles with his children.

    Go for a Nature Walk

    Mid-June is the perfect time of year for this Father’s Day activity idea. The spring flowers are in full swing and the temperatures are mild and pleasant. Your nature walk might be a hike through the woods leading to a beautiful view or a waterfall. But if your family’s not quite up to a moderate hike, opt for an easy nature walk. You might take a loop around a local park or visit a state park with a nature center. If you’ve got tiny tots in tow and need to bring a stroller, rails-to-trails are excellent options for your Father’s Day activities. Many rails-to-trails are paved or laid with gravel. You could even turn your nature walk into a scavenger hunt to get the family more involved!

    No matter what your family dynamic is, these Father’s Day activities are sure to bring everyone closer together. It’s up to you and your children to make Father’s Day extra special this year. For more Father’s Day party decor ideas, browse our online party store for specialty party supplies. You’ll find a unique variety of sports decor, tableware, balloons, and everything you need to set the scene for your Father’s Day party ideas.

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