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Mylar Balloons

When you think of birthday parties, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Balloons, of course! As kids, we all loved the huge character balloons, and as adults, that love hasn’t faded. Ultimate Party Super Store’s mylar birthday balloons are exactly what you need to make your party the biggest bash of the year!

Mylar Birthday Balloons

Whether you’re looking for themed balloons, balloons with wording, plain, colorful, or anything else, we’re sure to have just the thing! Mylar foil balloons are the classic big helium balloons we all remember from childhood birthday parties. These balloons look amazing as wedding decor and as a way to make a graduation celebration pop (no pun intended)!

Bring on the Balloons

  • Birthday balloons, solid colors, numbers, and themes
  • Balloons are shipped uninflated
  • Free helium inflation available in-store
  • Curbside pickup available in Hendersonville, TN
  • Huge selection of styles and products to choose from!

It’s Time to Party!

Ultimate Party Super Store is here to help make your party the biggest and best celebration it can be! From mylar birthday balloons to Halloween costumes, we’ve got you covered! Browse our wide selection of high-quality products and order now to get the party started!

Balloon FAQs

  • What is a mylar foil balloon?

    Mylar balloons are nylon balloons made with a shiny metallic coating for indoor use. Most of these balloons come with printed decals on them.

  • How do you inflate mylar balloons?

    To inflate your balloon, follow these steps:

    • Place a straw in the balloon's opening and blow a little air into it so that the initial pressure of the helium tank does not damage the balloon.
    • Straighten your balloon and attach it to the helium adapter.
    • Turn on your helium tank. Allow the air to flow evenly through the balloon.
    • Air the balloon up to shape. Beware not to overinflate and cause damage.
    • Close the seal and tie the end of the balloon.
  • How do you deflate a mylar birthday balloon?

    Deflate your balloon with these steps:

    • Place a straw into the opening of the foil balloon.
    • Press down on the balloon gently to release the air.
    • Fold the balloon and continue pressing.
    • Repeat the folding and pressing steps until all the air releases from the balloon.
    • Remove the straw and properly store it.
  • Can I reinflate/reuse mylar balloons?

    Yes, you can inflate and reuse your balloon. Upon reuse, the seal may leak air faster than the first use time frame. Store your balloon in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight between uses.

  • How long does a mylar birthday balloon last?

    Since mylar balloon material is not porous, air does not naturally leak from the material. New foil balloons can last up to two weeks when properly sealed.

  • Can I recycle my mylar balloons?

    No — the vast majority of recycling centers do not accept Mylar. Mylar foil balloons are a hybrid of PET plastic and aluminum. Each of those materials can be recycled by themselves, but they would need to be separated to do so. Only some facilities have the equipment to do that.

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