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     SAY HELLO.. We don't generally recommend a life of organized crime to our patrons, but if you're already in with the mob, you know that you have to gear up completely and really look the part?? You don't want to get judged by the family! And, anyway, just imagine how weird it would be to run up to your opposing gang family and demand that they say hello to your little friend and you didn't actually have a little friend for them to say hello to!???? Awkward! FUN DETAILS So, to ensure that you don't get laughed out of the mob, we've got the perfect accessory to make your??crime days especially convincing.?? Well, kinda.?? It??is only a Gangster Gun??Toy, but the authentic look overrides the plastic material!?? Nearly 20 inches long, the brown stock and black barrel look perfect and the gun even makes realistic firing noises when you pull the trigger! AND YOU WON'T EVEN HAVE TO GO FULL-ON SCARFACE! It is crucial to be convincing in this modern era.?? Even if you're hopping back a few decades, you want to be taken??seriously.?? And, really, we mean it?? you're going to get laughed out of the bar if you talk about your 'little friend' and don't have the right accessory at your side!??