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    Clark Griswold

    The Jolliest Bunch This Side of the Nuthouse Ho ho ho! Santa is here on Christmas Eve to pay a little visit to the Griswold family! Have they been naughty or nice this year? Well, it's hard to say. On the one hand, they're trying really hard to have a good, old-fashioned family Christmas. On the other hand, their Christmas tree went up in flames, a squirrel attacked their next-door neighbor, and they just had their first family kidnapping. But they have plenty of Christmas spirit to go around, so it evens out in the end! Product Details This officially licensed National Lampoon's Clark Griswold Santa Costume for Men is a whole lot better than a one-year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club! The red top fastens at the back of the neck and features white trim on the sleeve cuffs, center front, and hemline. A black fabric belt with a gold-tone fabric buckle is sewn around the waist. The matching red pants tuck into the black fabric boot covers. The front of the costume has an applique of a long green cord from which dangle twenty-five hundred twinkle lights - um, we mean several colorful felt lightbulbs. The Most Wonderful Time If you love classic Christmas movies, or if you've ever had your whole family stay with you for the holidays, you probably also love Clark Griswold and his unflinching goal to have an amazing Yuletide. This costume is sure to help you have your own version of a merry, eggnog-filled celebration, as long as Cousin Eddie doesn't overstay his welcome and Aunt Bethany doesn't gift-wrap her cat again. Actually, who are we kidding? You're going to have a fun, memorable holiday no matter what!

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