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    The Silver Screen Greatest video game movie series of all time? Sonic the Hedgehog, hands down. C'mon! The little blue blur has been cruising through the games, defeating Dr. Robotnik since the 90s and when he took his act to the silver screen, it was pure magic! He's one of the only video game characters to really shine in that arena, which is why we're so excited about this Sonic 2 The Movie Costume for girls.  This outfit puts a fun twist on the classic Sega character in a comfy dress style! It'll transform any video game fan in an instant!


    Product Details:  This officially licensed Sonic costume starts with a bright blue dress that's made out of a soft material that mimics the look of his fur in the movie. The front of the costume has a beige circle around the tummy, while the skirt has a textured pattern. The outfit also comes with a pair of matching blue leggings to help your girl feel extra fast when she's foiling the plans of baddies like Dr. Robotnik!  The costume also comes with a few accessories to help finish off the look! The headband has Sonic's pointy ears on top, along with a few spikes on the side. Finally, the costume comes with a pair of white gloves. We recommend pairing this with some red tennis shoes (not included) to get the look seen in the image!