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  • February 09, 2024 4 min read

    At the end of winter, we’re all itching to get outside and smell the flowers! Send off the winter blues by hosting brunch with your friends and family. We’ve got some great spring brunch party ideas to show your guests how creative you can be. Whether you’re hosting for adults only or inviting all the little tykes and kids as well, you’ll find some brunch ideas you just might make a yearly tradition.

    Backyard Brunch

    Before we get into food and drinks, let’s talk about where you’re hosting brunch! For many of us, the weather will be warming up enough to start moving activities outside. A back patio or your backyard are perfect location ideas for a spring brunch party. Close proximity to your home makes it easier to serve foods and beverages, as well as for guests to use the facilities. 

    Park Brunch

    However, if you’re limited on space consider moving your brunch party ideas to a public park that has available pavilions and picnic benches. Choose a park with beautiful spring flowers to enhance your atmosphere! Some nearby park play equipment is always a plus to help entertain the little ones while the adults enjoy some catching up.

    Picnic Style Decor

    Brunch food arranged on picnic blanket

    If you choose to have your brunch outdoors, the classic American picnic style is just what you need to enhance your table setting. Gingham plaid is the pattern we think of when we see country-style picnic tablecloths and blankets. This fabric features small, even checks usually in red and white, or sometimes blue and white. At the Ultimate Party Super Store, you’ll find a variety of gingham plaid picnic baskets, banners, table covers, cups, plates, napkins, and other tableware for this brunch party idea. 

    Elegant Indoor Brunch

    For some of us, spring can still be chilly and much too muddy for hosting brunch outdoors. Don’t let the weather put a damper on your brunch party ideas! Moving the party inside allows you to set the perfect scene in a controlled atmosphere. Of course, since it’s a spring brunch you’ll need floral centerpieces. You may want to go with a big flashy fresh floral centerpiece or consider multiple small floral vases that won’t interfere with conversations across the table. 

    And while your fine china might typically be reserved for the winter holidays, nice plates, matching glasses, and cloth napkins can really elevate a brunch affair. If a lot of children will be present and you fear for your china’s safety, consider going with high-quality party plates and premium plastic tableware. You can still achieve the elegant look but with the added bonus of easy cleanup!

    Spring Brunch PartyFood Ideas

    A brunch party means come hungry! Serving up delicious hot food to a hungry crowd may seem daunting, but here are a few simple and tasty ideas your guests will love.

    • Quiche - This is an all-in-one dish that can include your proteins, veggies, cheese, and carby crust. Quiche can be bought frozen, or you can make your own ahead of time and freeze it. Your guests will appreciate a variety of styles like western, spinach and feta, and meat lovers.
    • Make your own waffle and toppings bar - If you have a waffle maker, it’s easy to whip up some batter in bulk and get cooking. It only takes a few minutes for waffles to cook and they’ll come out perfect every time when you get the settings down. Pair your waffles with a buffet of toppings like fresh fruit, a variety of syrups, nuts, and mini chocolate chips. 
    • Assorted bakery goods - Heading to your local bakery is about as simple and delicious as it gets. Grab a variety of brunch favorites like cheese danishes, doughnuts, scones, apple fritters, and muffins. Be sure you pair these delectables with some hot coffee and tea. Use disposable coffee cups for serving a crowd. 

    People toasting together at a spring brunch party

    Adult Brunch Beverages

    If you’re having an adults-only get-together, you’ll need some brunch party cocktail ideas to lighten the mood! Here are some classics and some new ideas we think you’ll like:

    • Bloody Mary
    • Mimosa
    • Sangria
    • Screwdriver
    • Tequila Sunrise
    • Bellini
    • Irish Coffee

    If you’ll be having some youngsters attend as well, many of these cocktails can be made into delicious and nutritious non-alcoholic versions.

    SpringActivityIdeas for YourBrunch Party

    Activities and games are a great way to keep your spring brunch party interesting. For outdoor brunch parties, we suggest garden games like cornhole, frisbee, and horseshoe. For indoor games, you could raid your board games or set up a table for beer pong but use your favorite brunch beverage instead. You could also just fill the cups with water for a more family-friendly version of pong. DIY bingo is another fun game that you can personalize for your guests. Fill each square with things your guests may have experienced in life like traveling to a certain state.

    Whatever your favorite spring brunch party ideas are, you’ll want to have some spring-themed decorations and tableware to make your party pop. Browse the Ultimate Party Super Store now for a huge variety of brunch decor, colored tableware, unique party favors, and more. We are your one-stop shop for party supplies for every special occasion. 

    Ultimate Party

    Michelle has been in the party decorating business since 2008 when she started The Ultimate Party Store to provide affordable and high-quality party decorations for any event. From helping customers plan memorable birthday parties to curating party rentals for larger events, Michelle loves watching the perfect party come together. As a local business in the Nashville-Hendersonville area, she is often involved in events and organizations to give back to the community.