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  • December 07, 2023 4 min read

    We all love Easter egg hunts and the dying of hard-boiled eggs on Easter. It makes us feel nostalgic while we make new memories with our little ones. But if you want to add some new fun Easter activities and games to your family traditions, we have a great list for you. Here, you’ll find Easter activities for families with little tykes to teens that will get everyone having fun together!

    Fun Easter Games

    Games are the key to getting everyone involved and spreading the spirit of the holiday. And if you’re planning to host a party with a large group of kids, you’ll need a few games lined up. Below are some of our favorite new Easter games.

    Easter Bocce Ball

    Bocce ball is a summertime beach game that is simple, yet competitive enough for people of all ages to enjoy. Instead of rolling balls on a sandy beach, you’ll be rolling dyed hard-boiled eggs on the floor inside your home. Start by rolling one plain white egg to a central location. Everyone will roll one dyed egg to see who can get closest to the white egg. Don’t forget that bumping other people’s eggs out of the way is allowed! Even the youngest ones in your family will likely be able to give this game a go.

    Easter Egg Memory Match

    We can find fun new Easter activities for plastic eggs beyond the egg hunt! Memory match is a basic game that’s usually played with sets of matching cards. But in this fun Easter game twist, you’ll be using halves of plastic eggs to cover small matching prizes. When a match is found, the player keeps the prizes and gets to take another turn. When a match isn’t made, it’s the next player’s turn. Small candies and Easter stickers or tattoos are the perfect prizes.

    Egg Toss

    This fun Easter game will get a little bit messy, so it’s best played outside. It’s most entertaining when using raw eggs, but you could also substitute hard-boiled eggs to keep the mess in check. Start by assigning team pairs and have the players face each other. They will toss a single egg back and forth. With each toss, the player takes a large step backward towards a finish line. The pairs that can reach the finish line without dropping their egg are winners.

    Cute Easter crafts sitting on a log table

    Fun Easter Activities for Families

    If you’re looking for fun Easter activities that are a bit more crafty, we’ve got some great suggestions! Kids love making things and parents love having a child’s craft as a keepsake. You can choose from Easter crafts that will become useful decorations, fun toys, or tasty treats!

    Party Animal Hats 

    Make your Easter party complete with cute bunny and baby chic party hats! First, tape or glue some construction paper together to form a cone. For the bunny, add some cutout ears using paper or felt, draw a face with whiskers, and add googly eyes. Give your chic hats some wings with yellow feathers and a little beak made from a folded triangle of orange paper.

    Easter-Shaped Crayons

    If you want fun Easter activities to recycle misfit objects, this is a good one for you. Most parents have a pile of broken crayons lying around. Enlist the help of kids to peel off all the paper bits and break them into even smaller pieces. Then plop the pieces into Easter-shaped silicone baking molds. Bake at 200°F for about 25 minutes or until the crayons are melted. Be sure to grab some Easter-themed coloring books for your little ones to use with their new multi-colored crayons!

    Chic Finger Puppets

    When fun Easter craft activities continue the fun as Easter toys, you get a double win-win. Chic finger puppets are easy to make and super fun for kids to play with afterward. You’ll need just a few items: yellow and orange cardstock paper, yellow feathers, googly eyes, glue, and a large hole-punch. Make a large circle for the chic’s body and glue on a smaller circle for the head. Add the eyes, feather wings, and a folded orange triangle so the beak pops out from the face. Put two hole punches at the bottom of the body where a child can stick two fingers through to act as the chic’s legs.

    Peep Houses

    Fun Easter activities for families are also great when your kids can enjoy making them and eating them! All you’ll need is some classic marshmallow peeps, some chocolate malt eggs, Easter grass, graham crackers, and icing. Use the graham crackers and icing just like you would with a gingerbread house to create a little chicken coupe. Create little Easter grass nests inside to comfortably house the peeps and their chocolate eggs. 

    Get Cracking on These Easter Activities

    These fun Easter activities for families are perfect for small family gatherings and large Easter parties with friends. Don’t forget to set the scene with Easter party decor and balloons! Shop the Ultimate Party Super Store for high-quality decorations, tableware, and party supplies that will become a part of your holiday traditions year after year! Ultimate Party is your source for unique premium party supplies for all occasions from weddings to birthdays, graduations, baby showers, holidays, sports events, and many more.

    Ultimate Party

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