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November 12, 2021 2 min read

snowflakes on a wrapped gift

The festive season is celebratory, and celebrating your birthday around those days adds to the joy. If you want to plan your special day without stressing about holiday shopping or busy schedules, then here are some amazing Christmas birthday party ideas if you’re celebrating your birthday around Christmas.

Let it Snow

Embracing this kind of winter weather is perfect for any party around the holidays, especially if you’re trying to avoid the overall “Christmas” feel so people don’t mistake your birthday party for a Christmas party. Coat the walls in snowflake paper, get some festive winter plates, and hope your snowy party doesn’t happen on a real snow day so you all have time to enjoy the party.

Dress the Part

Person wearing a funny Christmas outfit

If you want to get your birthday started by embracing the Christmas spirit, then go with one of the classic Christmas birthday party ideas and ask everyone to wear their ugliest Christmas sweaters or dress up like an elf for the occasion. To make things better, you can accompany your sweater with a cute Christmas necktie or a fun hat. A birthday girl could even choose to wear a Christmas princess tiara!Everyone will have a blast trying to compare outfits. 

Hot Chocolate All The Way

It’s hard to think of winter without imagining a warm cup of hot chocolate with tiny floating marshmallows on top. If you’re having a birthday party in December (or any time during the winter season), consider setting up a table where everyone can get some hot chocolate. This is definitely up there among the top Christmas birthday party ideas just because it’s so delicious.

Make the Most of the Decor

Decorating for Christmas isn't just about putting up the Christmas tree, so make sure your Christmas birthday party decorations make the most of the beautiful holiday decor already in place. From cute ornaments to twinkling lights, the holiday decor will add to the happy atmosphere of your party. 

Baking Spree

Assorted Christmas cookies

If you like merging your birthday celebrations with Christmas, then going on a baking spree may be ideal. One of the best Christmas birthday party ideas is to bake some amazing cakes and cookies, not just for Christmas but for your birthday too. You can then pack them in goody bags to give to your loved ones so they enjoy these sweet treats for a double celebration.

Focus on the Birthday

Whether you prefer Halloweenor you just don’t like red and green decorations, it’s okay if none of these Christmas birthday party ideas are for you. Take a day to leave the holiday spirit behind for a day and focus on traditional birthday decor. Grab some balloons, pick a unique theme, and enjoy some birthday fun without the Christmas spirit.

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