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  • September 28, 2021 3 min read

    Girl wearing a witch costume

    One of the best parts of the fall season is when the leaves start changing, candies fill the aisles, and children begin choosing what special look they’ll be adopting for Halloween festivities. With the number of tv shows, video games, and movie-related costumes released each year, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the number of costumes available to choose from. While there are countless costume ideas available, sometimes the most classic options can be the most fun, especially for little ones that have big imaginations. 

    In this article, we’ll explore some of the most classic Halloween costumes for kidsto help future trick-or-treaters get some inspiration. Many of these costumes are easy to make at home, affordable, and just spooky enough to make sure your kids have a blast on Halloween. 

    Idea #1: Vampire

    Is there any costume more timeless than a vampire? Vampiresare a great spooky Halloween costume for kids because there is a lot of flexibility in what type of vampire you’d like to be. As long as you have some fangs and just a touch of fake blood, kids can become whatever vampire they like the most, whether that’s a classic Dracula fit or a more modern vampiric style. 

    Idea #2: Wizard or Witch


    Another easy Halloween costume idea for kids is to go with a classic witch or wizard costume. This can be accomplished very simply by having the child choose their favorite pointy hat and pair the hat with a broom or wand to create a fun and easy witchy look.

    Idea #3: Cat

    In terms of timeless Halloween imagery, it’s hard to hold a candle to the iconic image of a black cat. There's no secret why the cat is a classic Halloween costume for kids since it’s simple, easy to act out, and a family favorite. While numerous animal-related costumes are great for kids, one of the most popular options will always be to turn into a friendly feline with a pair of cat earsand some minor facial paintings

    Idea #4: Zombie

    One of the most fun things about being a zombie for Halloween is the special movement. Kids can do their strangest and most awkward walk while groaning for brains! For this easy Halloween costume idea for kids, get some messy hair or even some crazy teeth. If you’re on a budget, you can have your kids wear their oldest and messiest clothes. You can use makeup around the eyes or just to make their face look dirty, too. Advise the child to walk with a bit of a drag in their step and they’ll be on their way to hunting (for candy) in style. 

    Idea #5: Ghost

    family wearing ghost costumes

    Someone go grab a sheet because we’re about to create one of the most famous and simple DIY costumes out there: a ghost! While there are thousands of spooktacular ghost costumes out there, this is a great costume idea for kids if they need a Halloween costume last minute. Simply cut two eye holes out for the child to be able to see through and they’re ready for whatever happy haunts you have planned. If your child is a little nervous about ghosts, you can also turn them into a ghost-fighting hero.


    Idea #6: Pirate

    You don’t have to have a kid go full Jack Sparrow to create a convincing and fun pirate costume. Grab the child a striped shirt, cut up a pair of shorts they never wear, and acquire just a few costume props such as a parrot, eye patch, hook, and fake tattoos and you’ll have yourself a swashbuckling trick or treater of the seas in no time. And don’t forget the pirate hat!

    Idea #7: Superhero

    a little boy wearing a superhero costume, cape, and mask

    Another fun and easy Halloween costume idea for kids is to have them become a superhero. If you’re looking to inspire a little creativity for the young one, have them create their own original superhero by grabbing their favorite color of mask and cape and choose what they want their superpower to be. This will let them express themselves and create an amazing Halloween costume all at the same time. 

    Make Halloween Extra Special at The Ultimate Party Super Store

    From cats and pumpkins to pirates and superheroes, there are so many classic Halloween costumes for kids that will be sure to get them excited for the candy-filled holiday. Have a Halloween party on the horizon in the need of some last-minute party supplies or costume accessories? The c is here to help. Explore our Halloween collection today to make this year extra special.

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