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January 05, 2021 2 min read

As much as we love them, teenagers can be a challenging bunch. It’s hard to keep up with their constantly-evolving trends, and it can be surprisingly easy to embarrass them even when you’re trying to do something cool. So what happens when you need to throw your teen a party that isn’t totally lame by their standards? Go to The Ultimate Party Super Store! Keep on reading to learn some of our party theme ideas for teens that they’ll actually love!

Pump Up the Party

We know the struggle of finding cool teenage birthday party decorations, or even cool teenage anything in general. For them, it’s generally important to keep up with whatever is trending at the moment - even if what’s trending is something retro. We know; it can be confusing. So let’s go through some themes that are most likely to score big with your teen:

people sitting by pool

Beach Party: Teens love summer. For them, summer means no school, no project deadlines, no waking up early, and endless fun time with their friends. There’s something super appealing about bright colors and water in some capacity. Beaches and summer are two favorite party theme ideas for teens because they’re relatively easy to pull off and never go out of style. If you have a pool, this should be one of your go-to options.

Rave Night: If you have glow sticks, your party will be a success. Trust us. Most teens love the idea of partying hard — even though they’re too young to go to an actual rave. Turn your house or party space into a teen-friendly rave! Pull out the neon and mocktails, turn the thumping music they’re currently into up to maximum volume, and watch them go wild!

people partying in neon powder

Night at the Casino: Teenagers are notorious for loving or wanting the things they’re too young to have. So even though they can’t really party at a casino, the idea of doing something forbidden will excite them. This party theme idea for teens is unconventional and requires a bit of time to pull off, but it’ll be so worth it. Grab some fake poker chips and raise the stakes for this party! It will be even better if you have some prizes they can win.

Vintage Fun: This may come as a surprise, but retro is in right now! Have a decade party, like an all-80’s theme, and ask everyone to wear something from that era. Or maybe keep it open as a vintage party. Partygoers can choose the time period and dress up if they want, or just enjoy the “old” decor!

Party It Up

Our biggest tip for party theme ideas for teens? Don’t try to make it “cool.” Nonchalance goes a long way!

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