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  • February 04, 2021 3 min read

    Whether you’re planning a birthday party or simply a special event among children, choosing the perfect theme is the best part for the party planner. That being said, sometimes we’re short on planning time and need to create a theme with limited resources. Luckily, there are plenty of pre-made and DIY easy birthday decoration ideas that can make it possible to pull off a themed party at the last minute! Explore these five easy party themes kids are sure to enjoy.

    Idea #1: Fantasy-Come-True Theme

    An age-old theme for proms, birthdays, and countless special occasions is an under-the-sea theme. If you’re looking for an easy party theme that lets you embrace creativity, you may want to make a splash with this fun childhood favorite. Have children dress as their favorite sea creatures and decorate the space with fishing nets, colorful shells, and mermaid-inspired memorabilia to immerse them in an ocean adventure.

    If mermaids aren’t your thing but you still want to give kids the chance to be creative, consider another fantasy theme like unicorns or superheroes! Kids love being surrounded by things that require the magic of their imagination, which means these easy birthday decoration ideas are sure to be a winner.

    Idea #2: Candy Casino Theme

    Child’s hands picking up a pile of candy

    Just because party attendees won’t have the cash to gamble with doesn’t mean you can’t create a sprawling candy casino to let kids go home with something! Hosting a casino in a candy-themed world is an easy theme to accomplish with limited time and materials. Kids love candy and playing games, so a candy casino is a combination that is bound to keep kids entertained and excited.

    Have a few adults chaperone kid card games and reward winners with candy prizes. At the end of the party, make sure everyone goes home with a bag of goodies so they remember their sweet day.

    Idea #3: Carnival Theme

    What better way to create a visually amazing theme than by letting the kids pretend they’re taking a trip to the carnival? The best part about this easy party theme is that most of the magic comes from delicious snacks like caramel popcorn, candy apples, corn dogs, and other carnival staples.

    Many DIY carnival games are also super simple to make. Set up a bobbing-for-apples station, display a milk jar toss, and create a wall of balloons with child-safe arrows. Your party-goers will have so much fun, they’ll be convinced there’s a clown hiding somewhere (and maybe there is!). This is the perfect opportunity to break out the red and white balloons!

    Idea #4: Glamorous Hollywood Getaway Theme

    A creative yet easy party theme that is loaded with fun is an LA getaway. Encourage party attendees to show up looking like superstars and decorate the space with Hollywood-inspired decorations and party favors. You can either go with an Oscars night with awards and fancy prizes or head into the classic Hollywood era with gold and black accents throughout. You can even show a recently-released movie to make it feel like a premier! No matter your choice, party attendees will go home feeling like stars after all the fun they have.

    Idea #5: Beach Theme

    Kids playing in a pool

    Pool parties and beaches are easy party themes for children with summertime birthdays. Go on a Hawaiian vacation with colorful leis, fun sunglasses, coconut cups, and other fun beach-side accents. Kids can stay entertained with water balloon tosses and volleyball when they’re not playing in the pool or sprinklers. Just make sure to supply plenty of sunscreen!

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