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  • April 13, 2022 3 min read

    red, white, and blue party balloons

    What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to party in style? We’re sharing all our best 4th of July decorating ideas. Whether you’re a pro-party host or a newbie, we promise these ideas are fun, easy, and simple! Let’s jump right into it and take a look at how you can host a red, white, and blue party in style. 

    Front Porch Decor

    The party starts way before your guests enter your home. Decorate your front porch with bows and balloons to set the mood. Before your guests even exit their vehicles, they’ll know that they’re well set up to have loads of fun. An inviting and exciting front porch and entryway shows your guests that you’ve made a great effort into party planning and decor and they will definitely be impressed. 

    Patriotic Fans

    If it’s the 4th of July, that means it’s going to be super hot! Our second 4th of July decorating idea is to use patriotic fans. You can hang fans to the ceiling as decor, as well as, place them on tables for guests to use. Hang a few patriotic paper fans up around your drink and snack station to make your food look even more appetizing. Your red, white, and blue cocktails will look even more delicious with red, white, and blue party fans strategically hanging behind them. 

    Treat Bags

    You can’t have a party without treat bags! Treat bags are a super simple 4th of July decorating idea. Grab a few red, white, or blue treat bags and fill them with cool little trinkets like stickers or temporary tattoos. Before your guests arrive, strategically place their bags in the centers of each table or on a table designated specifically for treat bags. The colors of the bags alone will serve as a decor element at your venue. 

    Paper Decor

    Make your event memorable with this traditional 4th of July decorating idea: paper decor. While there are ways to ensure your party is unique, having a few pieces of traditional decor for a 4th of July party is a must! Decorate your venue with fun streamers, banners, and paper lanterns. You can use as little or as much as you like, just make sure you’re having fun! Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and play some patriotic music while decorating to give your event an edgy style that only you can create. 

    Flags and Stars

    While you’re making sure that everything is red, white, and blue at your party, don’t forget to add flags and stars! Our 4th of July decorating ideas blog would not be complete without this tip. Whether you prefer star spangled napkins, cups, or plates, the choice is completely up to you! Just make sure that flags and stars are included wherever possible. 

     mini American flag on toothpick in a bitten chocolate cupcake sitting on a plate


    Buckets and Coolers

    We know that this may seem a little off, but hear us out. What’s more patriotic than buckets and coolers filled with cool pop and tasty brews? When you’re hosting a party, you can make life easier by turning functional items into decor items. Instead of having just a regular drink bucket or cooler, get one that is themed for the event! 

    By doing this 4th of July decorating idea, you can spend a little less time worrying about if your event is themed and a little more time actually enjoying it. Place your themed coolers around different areas of your venue to add a decor element to each section of the property, as well as, give all of your guests quick access to a refreshing drink.

    Don’t Sweat It!

    If you really want to celebrate the 4th in style, be okay with just winging it. Visit your favorite party store, grab a few of your favorite items, and decorate your venue the way you feel is best. Whether you try just one of our 4th of July decorating ideas or all of them, you and your guests will have an amazing time. Cheers to a successful event!

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    Michelle has been in the party decorating business since 2008 when she started The Ultimate Party Store to provide affordable and high-quality party decorations for any event. From helping customers plan memorable birthday parties to curating party rentals for larger events, Michelle loves watching the perfect party come together. As a local business in the Nashville-Hendersonville area, she is often involved in events and organizations to give back to the community.