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June 11, 2021 2 min read

Who said themed parties were just for kids? Not us! Here at Ultimate Party Super Store, we believe that everyone deserves the right to party — no matter how young or old you are! 

It’s pretty easy to find a theme for a kid’s party, but choosing a theme that appeals to adults can get a bit tricky. That’s why we’ve made up this list of fun and creative party themes for adults so everyone can have a fun party, even if they’re only a kid at heart!

Get the Party Started

Sports Party: Whether you’re rooting for your team in a big game or you just really love sports, a sports party is a great creative party theme for adults! You can do so much with this theme depending on your sport or team of choice. From giant football balloons to Derby hats, you are sure to have a good time celebrating something you all love. 

casino night decoration kit

Casino Night: Too far away or don’t have it in the budget to go to the actual casino? Bring the casino to you! Throwing a casino night party is an excellent way to raise the stakes and have an amazing night. Put together a poker game, let the drinks flow, and get ready to party long into the night!

Keep It Simple: One could argue that any time a group of adults hangs out together, that should be considered a party. But we believe that no party is complete without balloons and fun decorations! Even if you skip the fancypineapple balloons party hats themed balloons in favor of colors, a balloon arch will fit in with tons of fun party themes for adults. Choosing your decor based on a color theme is a classic option you can use for everything from pool parties to a murder mystery dinner.

Summer Fun: Summertime means fun times! When it comes to creative party themes for adults, a summer theme is going to be a hit at any age. There are so many things you can do with this sunny theme. You could go the silly route and break out the pirates and squirt guns, or you can make it super cute and classy with pretty tableware and paper lanterns. Summer party themes can be solely for adults or for entire families. No matter how you throw it, a summer party will be a party to remember!

Ultimate Fun

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